Design Thinking Translator Buddy

Designing UX for speech and text translator application for iOS

Translator Buddy: An interpreter for all your communication needs. Speak to the app, and it will shoot back the translation instantly.

A traveler, businessman, historian or whoever needs to communicate with people need to speak in their native language for a smooth experience in a foreign land. An ordinary man can only learn about four to five languages. So, the relevance of a translator app is right on top!

However, there are already top players in this field. Then, how can a startup get noticed?

Feature rich app, and an innovative, user-friendly interface

The inbuilt engine instantly speaks more than 50 languages and provide written communication in more than a hundred.

The Translator Buddy team reached to us to beautify their working prototype. They wanted a catchy App Icon too. The client was our former customer; we had worked together on various projects before, designing web applications, mobile apps, and also a couple of apps for the Mac.

When a client return to us it is added responsibility. It means we did something right for them. So we must deliver something incredible this time. However, we have got a tight schedule for delivery, and we have to limit the iterations as well. We suggested two methods for handling the whole UI.

Domy suggested two methods for handling the whole UI.

  1. Beautify the app with the native elements used in the prototype.
  2. A brand new design with an improved interface and engaging interactions for a beautiful user experience.

We preferred the latter; client too :)

The concept of "Conversational Interface"

After several brainstorming sessions with our client and the internal team at Domy, we introduced a brand new concept for a translator app - a conversational interface. The behavioral implementation of the interface was so natural that the users would not feel awkward to use a mobile phone while having a meaningful conversation.

We have also considered accessibility for people with color blindness and sensitivity to light while using mobile apps at night or in bright light. Especially while traveling, it is tough if people cannot use the app for these reasons. So we provided multiple themes. The clutter-free and easy to use UI will help to initiate a conversation much faster than any traditional app.

App icons are critical for the first impression of a user. They could make a purchase decision based on the professionalism of the symbol.

The simplicity in design makes the app extremely useable

With a single touch, the user can set if he/she wants to speak or text with the app. The app will keep listening to the foreign language and reads it out to the user after waiting for three seconds. For the app to hear the user, he/she can hold a button. It is done so because the user has control over his speech, but not the person he/she is conversing.

To make it even simpler, then the app will show related images to the user. For instance, translating a sentence such as “From where I get the best Pizza?” it will display pictures of Pizza along with the translation.

The speed control will help the people to listen to the voice in their convenient speed, in male or female voice. When you are in doubt, you will get the precise prediction with the help of Microsoft™ and Google Translate™ options.


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Product strategy design, Prototyping, Wireframe design, User experience design, User interface design, User interaction design

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UXPin, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, InVision

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