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Experience design for one-on-one personalized lifestyle coaching app

We worked with this excellent product company which helps an individual with a busy schedule to avail a personal trainer through a mobile app. The app helps the user to interact with their coach, learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, while the instructor monitors the activities.

The app handles Bigdata, with tons of user-feeds getting updated every minute. All these data are relevant and necessary for the coach to provide the right advice to the individuals, without overwhelming him/her. Within a minimal space, we had to visualize insightful data and present it pleasingly to the coaches.

Identifying user perspective - backbone of user experience design

The first challenge was to identify the critical insights on a need base analysis and showcase it in a limited space. So, we researched this to determine the top priority items from the user's perspective, based on which we defined the low-fidelity wireframe sketches. On successful verification and a few iterations, we could come up with a set of navigable high-fidelity wireframes.

Our research told us that the majority users of the app were leading busy lives and within an age group of 30-45. We provided them with an aesthetically appealing simple design, quick to navigate and easy to get things done without a waste of time.

Success of design through aesthetic science

Our design team carefully picked the color code and design style to present the data insights with precision. The blue, green, orange, red and shades of grey colors used in the application would help the user to identify the priority of elements.

We used the blue, green and oranges for insights. Because scientifically, these three colors could pass energy and youthfulness. The app has to motivate the users to do better for improving their health and their lifestyle, and even the smallest step towards that can make a big difference.

Leveraging from our research finding, we refined every single icon and illustration to help the user save time in relating to the actionable items appropriately.

Smooth and subtle transitions make the experience more enjoyable for the user, and that contributed to better engagement.

Demography has an impact on the design

The app has individual screens for the trainers and the trainees. The trainers are professionals with good experience, capable of handling up to 12 trainees at a time with the right use of the technology. Therefore the active screen for the trainer included everything to help them for quick assessment, communication, and training. The features include live chat, workout plan assignments, diet planning, trainee status update, responding to user queries, and much more.

In addition to that, a trainee can consult with a doctor through this app, get advice on all their routine medical and lifestyle challenges. In the Trainee Screen, they can view their current status based on their previous workouts, instructions, and comments from the trainer. Also, they can chat in real time with their coach. Every individual has their profile page with their goal details and their trainers verified/certified by the company.

Designing for a personal touch

Trainers have a public profile to help the trainees select an appropriate trainer of their preference. The trainer can view all the activities of their trainees, schedule action items, and discuss with them directly.

The trainees have their dedicated profile page where they can add their unique characteristics and lifestyle details. They have a dashboard of the activity screen with insightful graphs and motivating figures based on their activities.

We designed the chat box aesthetically appealing and immensely engaging. Notifications help the user to be aware of recent events in the app, without interrupting the primary functionality of any screen.


Services provided

Product strategy design, Prototyping, Wireframe design, User experience design, User interface design, User interaction design

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UXPin, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, InVision

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